How to Determine if You Have an Orthopedic Emergency

In a life-threatening medical emergency, there are vital signs that medical personnel monitor to assess the functioning of vital body organs. The four basic vital signs are body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure. Each of these vital signs have established norms for healthy proper functioning, as well as values indicative of when […]

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Woman doing yoga outside

What Does a Hairline Fracture Feel Like in an Arm?

Hairline fractures are among the most common sports injuries and often occur in high impact sports. While many hairline fractures occur in the foot and other bones in the lower limb, it’s possible to experience this injury in your arm. This guide will help you spot a hairline injury in the arm, so you can […]

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Man running in the snow for weight management

How Holiday Weight Management Can Boost Your Bone Health

The holiday season means sugary sweets and cozy nights on the couch. And while these treats can get you in the holiday spirit, they may not be the best option for weight management and bone health. Fortunately, by finding balance and prioritizing a healthy lifestyle this season, you can keep your bones strong and prevent […]

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Man stretching his arm

How Can You Tell if You Broke Your Arm?

When you take a tumble and land on your arm, you might be concerned about a potential fracture. But how do you know if your arm is actually broken? Your first step should be a visit to a sports injury urgent care clinic. While you’re on the way, look out for these signs of a […]

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Man on the couch looking at laptop

Stuck on the Couch? How Not Exercising Makes Your Aches and Pains Worse

A tough workout session often leads to aches and pains the next day. This soreness is a result of your body building muscle, but some people may avoid exercise to dodge any discomfort. Unfortunately, not exercising can actually make your body aches worse and put you at risk for common sports injuries. Can a Sedentary […]

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Man struggling with anxiety

How Anxiety Contributes to Bone Pain

Anxiety can make everyday life more challenging, causing symptoms like racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, and constant worry. However, anxiety can cause physical symptoms as well, including pain. This guide will help you identify when bone pain might be a symptom of anxiety and when you should visit a sports injury clinic.  Can Anxiety Cause Bone […]

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Mother holding a baby

Child Has Bone Pain? When to Call the Doctor

Aches and pains are common ailments, even for children. This discomfort can appear as a result of a youth sports injury or without a clear cause. But how do you know if your child’s bone pain is cause for concern? This guide will break down the common causes of bone pain in children, so you […]

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X-ray of a broken collar bone

Is There a Difference Between Fractures and Breaks?

Fractures and breaks are among the most common sports injuries. But is there a difference between the two? These terms are actually interchangeable, so fractures and breaks are both orthopedic injuries that require immediate treatment. Here’s what you should know.  Causes & Symptoms: How Do Fractures & Breaks Happen? Fractures often happen due to trauma […]

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