Orthopedic Clinic

The orthopedic providers at Sport Ortho Urgent Care are focused on diagnosing and treating all of your musculoskeletal conditions. From bones and joints to muscles, tendons, and ligaments, we are prepared to treat any orthopedic condition. Oftentimes, your injury can’t wait, and we are an excellent alternative to the emergency room.

With advanced on-site digital x-ray imaging, located at each one of our facilities, our providers are able to have a greater insight into the source of your discomfort quickly and efficiently. Each one of our experienced orthopedic providers will then provide a thorough assessment of your condition and help to establish an individualized care plan with you best suited towards your needs and goals. We provide professional, prompt, ethical, and affordable orthopedic urgent care, continuously making our patients our number one priority. We look forward to serving you.