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  • Author | Brenna Cosminsky, PA
  • Date | 4/26/2022 8:00 am
What is osteoporosis?

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the breakdown of bone tissue that leads to fragile bones.

Although osteoporosis is typically a disease that does not have any symptoms outright, it makes our bones more fragile. Additionally, it can increase the risk and frequency of fractures or breaks. 

There are many types of osteoporosis and many reasons one might develop the condition. “Stand out” risk factors for developing osteoporosis include older age, being a female, low hormone levels, tobacco/alcohol use, and excessive steroid use.

How is osteoporosis diagnosed?

Generally, providers diagnose osteoporosis using a test called a DXA scan. DXA, or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, is a test used to assess how strong your bones are. Your provider can then use the results to decide your best treatment options. 

There are multiple ways to treat osteoporosis, including medications prescribed by your doctor, vitamin supplementation (vitamin D and calcium), and one of our preferred methods, weight bearing exercises.

Treating osteoporosis with weight bearing exercise.

Weight bearing exercise is any daily exercise that pushes the body against the weight of gravity. That includes lawn care, walking, and walking up the stairs. These activities allow our bodies and bones to grow stronger by placing bearable stress on the bones and developing more bone cells in their place. 

Another method of weight bearing exercise is strength training, which includes resistance band exercises, working out on an elliptical, aerobics (especially water aerobics), and yoga.

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