Bone Fracture Treatment

The experienced orthopedic staff at Sport Ortho Urgent Care has extensive knowledge in the treatment of fractures and other injuries. If you suspect you have a fracture, it is important to seek care quickly, and we are happy to assist you at any of our convenient locations either by appointment or walk-in. As our patient, your health is our number one priority, and managing your pain, promoting your healing, preventing complications, and restoring the normal function of your fractured area are our goals.

What are the symptoms of a bone fracture?

  • Pain
  • Bruising
  • Limited mobility or inability to move affected limb
  • Pain with weight-bearing on affected limb
  • Deformity or a misshapen limb

Fracture Treatment

  • Based on your specific injury, your treatment plan may include:
  • Immobilization using a cast, brace, splint, and/or sling. Immobilization is key in helping bones to align properly and promote healing.
  • Manipulation or reduction of a dislocated joint or fracture back to proper alignment, followed by immobilization.
  • Surgery may be required to re-align some fractures depending on the extent of the injury.